State Licensed Preschool/Childcare  For Children 3yrs -4th grade


Preschool Classes M/W/F or T/Th or Monday-Friday (preschool only) Monthly tuition

Preschool 9:15am-2:45pm  Full day Five days-$550.00,  4 days-$455.00  3 days-$355.00,    2 days -$255.00


Preschool ½ day (9:15am-12:15pm) for Five days is $345.00, 4 days is $305.00, 3 days is $265.00, and 2 days is $225.00.

 K3 class requires an additional $25.00 fee per month if aide is needed for diapering and potty training.)

Monthly Tuition- is due by the 25th of each month for the upcoming month (for example tuition for the month of Dec is due on Nov 25)  A late fee of $20.00 per week per child will accrue.

$6.00  an hour for before and after preschool- any part of the hour will be charged at full hour rate. 2 day minimum

Family discount 20% second child- discount applies to lowest tuition rate.


Child Care is available 6:00am-6:00pm full day is up to 10 hours per day

Drop In Care- $55.00 per day


Preschool is included in childcare tuition

Weekly tuition is due Monday of each week in advance for the upcoming week. A late fee of $5.00 per day, per child will accrue.

Full week- $155.00, 4 days- $130.00, 3 days- $100.00,   2 days-$75.00 (2-day minimum)

Preschoolers 3- 5 not attending kindergarten

$25.00 charge  will apply if changes are needed in scheduled days of service. Limited to 3 changes per year

Before and After school (up to 6 hours daily) $6.00 an hour (2-day minimum) Full week/5 days $75.00, 4 days $65.00 ,

3 days $55.00, 2 days $45.00 

Snow days-Closings for school age children ( limited to slots available) $45.00 per day


Summer Program-

 Childcare is available throughout the summer- 6:00am-6:00pm full day up to 10 hours per day. Full week- $155.00, 4 days- $130.00, 3 days- $100.00,  2 days-$75.00 (2-day minimum) weekly tuition

 Classes M/W/F or T/T or Monday-Friday - Monthly tuition

 9:15am-2:15pm  Full day Five days-$555.00, 4 days- $455.00, 3 days-$355.00,  2 days -$255.00

Classes- ½ day 9:15am-12:15  Five days-$345.00, 4 days- $305.00, 3 days-$265.00, 2 days-$225.00

Summer Activity fee $25.00  Registration -$25.00 


Registration Fee: Yearly

New Students $100.00 Family- $150.00

 re-enrollment $50.00 Family- $75.00


Preschool book/activity fee: Yearly



Meals are included in tuition

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Jamestown,  Ohio  45335